Groom your mustache to unlock its hidden potential! Flybros is a stone skipping type of game where you play as a mustache baldy; flying and skipping on clouds with his wings like a mustache. The goal: groom your mustache to unlock its hidden potential!


Key Features:

Cut Scene

The cut scenes were inspired by classic manga mixed with popular anime parodies. Enjoy ridiculously hard-boiled cut scenes as you fly! You’ll feel a power surge within you as you play. If that happens don’t be shy, and yell out your battle cries together – ORA! ORA! ORAAAA!!!!


Groom System

In Flybros, we created a unique level up system. You do not gain experience from fighting or flying. Instead you level up by grooming your mustache. Some of the hair products you collect can be used to groom. Why? Because your mustache will evolve, of course! So let us fly with GRACE and POWER!



Flybros takes place in the early 1900s, and like many gentlemen in their era, the two brothers dream of being the first men to take flight. The brothers are blessed with talent, however talent alone is not satisfying enough. They want to be known as inventors. But since the brothers are unsuccessful at growing fine mustaches, they aren’t accepted by the inventor community, unrecognized as true gentlemen, and thus never taken seriously as inventors.

However, on one faithful day the brothers discovered a vessel of shampoo that fell from the sky, which read, “May all your dreams and wishes come true.” Little did they know that this odd looking bottle would alter their faith forever.




Dev Bios



Recently graduated MFA DT from Parsons, The young Thai lad was mesmerized by creative applications in technology and was inspired to come to New York.  Now he interested in digitalized mustache and how he could share this with the world.



MFA DT Alumni, a graphic designer turned user experience designer. He is interested in digital experiences are replace traditional ones. Decho  is an active member of Playcrafting NYC


Jomkwan Narkvichetr