In our Deep Sea Creatures Workshop, 6 to 9 year olds will acquire new knowledge and use it to make imaginative 3D characters. The 45-minute experience begins with a 10-minute introduction to the very bottom of the ocean. Discussion will revolve around real traits of animals living in the deepest zones. In the second part, children will create their own characters, building models with recycle materials. Finally participants will share their creatures and describe why they could survive in the deep sea. An aquarium area allows for additional free play with the characters.

Workshop at New York Hall of Science 


First round of work shop

In the final workshop, the first group that come to our workshop is 3-4  years-old children. However, they are not our target since we aim about 6-9 years-old. When we explain workshop descriptions to them, they trend to have less concentration for our story because it requires a skill of making and understanding.  As a result, we just show them how to make the simplest sea creature in our work shop (In this case, It is a shrimp).  

Second round of work shop

Group of 6-9 years old (Target Audience) The second round of participants are a group of 6-9 years-old students which is our target audience. They trend to understand our goal more than the fist group. We found that they have more participation, motivation and concentration to our workshop. In this group, they understand the basic knowledge of Hadal zone. They ask questions occasionally. Most of them want to build angler fish which is an advance model in our workshop. From this observation, we altered our expectations then divide them into 2 groups and separate our team.


We did quite well preparing supplies for the final workshop; for example, LED lights and batteries. Choosing the right target audience is very important for the workshop since it is more effective for our work and we got more concentration than target groups who are not our audience. We learn that we need to be flexible for any kind of situation that will be happen all the time. In this case, we do not know how many kids will come and play with our workshop. If they come more than our limit, we need to separate to setup 2 stations of workshop and handle it.